26 February 2009

Always working on backups....

Today I tried to improve a backup. On a host with a large number of databases running, which do change now and then, you would like that your backup more or less manages itself. So it would have to pick up all running databases, and backup these.

The backup script is stored in a RMAN catalog. The script picks up all databases on a (linux) system and selects them on the running pmon process:

ps -ef | grep pmon | grep -v 'grep pmon' | awk '{print "backupdb " substr($8,10,8) ";"}'

With the awk command, you extract the instance name from the grep output. The result of the grep is put into a tmpwrk.lst file, and looks likes this:

backupdb TEST01;
backupdb PROD01;
backupdb PROD02;


The total script I use is the following:

# Script for backup all databases on the server
export ORACLE_BASE=/opt/oracle
export ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_BASE/product/10.2.0
export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:$PATH

export WRKDIR=/home/oracle/scripts
export LOGDIR=/backup/$(hostname)
export JOBLOG=$LOGDIR/backup_$(hostname).log
echo "Starting backup $(hostname) databases at $(date)" > $JOBLOG

if [ -z $1 ]
echo "No parameters passed to function."
return 0
export ORACLE_SID=$1
rman target / catalog rman/rmanpswd@RMANCAT CMDFILE=$WRKDIR/rman_backup.rcv LOG=$LOGDIR/$ORACLE_SID.backup.log;
FOUTEN=$(grep 'ERROR MESSAGE' $LOGDIR/$ORACLE_SID.backup.log | wc -l);
if [ $FOUTEN -ne 0 ]
cat LOG=$LOGDIR/$ORACLE_SID.backup.log | nail -s "BACKUP FAILED $ORACLE_SID" mailme@myisp.com;
echo "$(date) : backup $ORACLE_SID FAILED!!!" >> $JOBLOG
echo "$(date) : backup $ORACLE_SID completed" >> $JOBLOG


# Make list of all active databases
# and create tmpbck.lst file
ps -ef | grep pmon | grep -v 'grep pmon' | awk '{print "backupdb " substr($8,10,8) ";"}' > $WRKDIR/tmpbck.lst

# run database cold backup for this list
source $WRKDIR/tmpbck.lst

echo "Backup $(hostname) finished at $(date)" >> $JOBLOG


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