21 May 2010

Finally got LDAP authentication working in PL/SQL

For a project in APEX, I wanted to use LDAP (Active Directory) authentication. It took me a few hours to got it working. The only thing I needed is to change the short 'windows' name into the CN name.

With the help of this great example:
I fixed it.

The example shows how to login to LDAP and get values from it.


  1. That link is dead (404). I'm struggling with it as well.

  2. Oh, I hate that when links are dead. Mostly, I store them in my Evernote.

    I'll give you some hints. In shared components, go to Authentication Schemes. Click create, "Based on pre-configured scheme from gallery". Select “Show Login Page and Use LDAP Directory Credentials”.
    The really hard form to fill is the one with LDAP Host, port and LDAP Distinguished Name.
    This part is really dependent on your organisation.
    There was also a LDAP Test Tool available on this screen. Don't know if it's still around.


    1. U could change the URL to http://bit.ly/1z4ySQi . It is still a fine example by Jeff.

      HTH / SLÁINTE!