02 February 2012

Report with backups - created from Grid Control

Today I wanted to create a report from Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g. We have about 40 databases here (mixed, 9i/10g/11g). I would like to have a daily report of the last database backup date.

The view SYSMAN.MGMT$HA_BACKUP provides a very usefull report for backups. But there is a drawback it seems.

For 9i databases most columns are null (start_time, end_time, status, output_bytes_display etc.). So there is no usefull information on these databasebackups for 9i database ( to be precise).

1 comment:

  1. And another drawback is that it will only show you the latest backup details. Meaning if you create a full backup at 20 pm and an archive backup at 6 am and you run the report at 8 am only the result of the archive backup is visible.