11 October 2013

Cannot add a second redaction policy using EM Cloud Control


Using EM Cloud Control, I added a Redaction Policy (DBMS_REDACT) to a PAUL schema in a pluggable database. This worked fine and my social security numbers could not be read by user BOB.

        ID NAME      SS_NUMBER          INDATE
---------- --------- ------------------ ------------------------------
       100 matt      XXX-XX-1234        10-OCT-13 AM
       110 bob       XXX-XX-3333        10-OCT-13 AM

Now I wanted to add a second policy on another of PAUL's table. But the EM Cloud Control does not show the PAUL schema anymore, I cannot select the schema while for creating a policy.

I think this is a bug, reported it to MOS.

I'm curious if someone can replay this error. You will need 12.1 database, with container and pluggable database, and EM Cloud Control.


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