23 December 2015

First installation of Cloud Control 13c

Just yesterday downloaded, and already running in my Virtualbox.
Some things to look for: make sure you have enough memory on your OMS host, at least 10Gb.
Other things I had to correct:

yum install glibc-devel.i686

   net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 11000 65000
   sysctl -p

Physical Memory: 10240 MB

Make sure your EMREP database is precreated and runs in, with parameter settings:
session_cached_cursors=200 (200 to 500 will do)

Diskspace in my test environment:
 1.3Gb agent
 6.2Gb app
 2.1Gb gc_inst
 14Gb Middleware
 5.2Gb Oradata --> local Repository
700Mb swlib

This is just a small install without any targets. The software itself is not counted in this.
The installations is different than we saw before, you get 5 files, 1 .bin and 4 zips. Don't extract the zips. Just chmod+x the bin and run ./em13100_linux.bin
This will show:
and then launch the installer.

Ok, installation took me about two hours. The login screen is finally re-designed (what a relief).

And the Enterprise Summary screen looks a lot familiar, new template, but feels familiar.

Can't wait to explore it all... 

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